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DBT Skills Mastery through Music is by far the best Online DBT course I've ever taken. I have been in another DBT course and it was not the best experience.  I love DBT Mastery. Makes me feel safe in an online environment. The skills taught are life skills and crucial skills to know to be present and tolerate distress and manage emotions. They say music is healing. And that is why I joined. To find healing through Music and to be able to utilize the skills learned in my every day life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting a better life for themselves. Through this course I have managed to change my life around. I have long way yet to go but have come far through this course. If you are a clinician this is a perfect opportunity to enhance your skills training experience using music to help your clients build skills mastery. The instructors are very good at teaching the skills in an engaging way. Thank you DBT Mastery through Music for allowing me to grow and share my journey with you all. Love you all.

Luiza Martin

DBT Warrior

My new job had some challenges for me. When I attended workplace trainings and we talked about some of the trauma families face, sick feelings were stirring up inside of me because of my own severe childhood trauma. I was having nightmares. I was getting sick alot. I was getting headaches and getting very emotional. I was also at a point having just started my job and trying to get caught up after having lost my previous job, that I couldn't really afford to see a therapist regularly, even though I knew I really needed to. I love music. I took a children's music therapy class in college and really enjoyed the class. And, this class was being offered for a monthly fee similar to what my copay for a single week would be with just talk therapy and no music. The bonus is you still get the weekly music therapy lessons and they're easy to access from your home and the music therapist is always quick to respond when you have a question. Great idea!

Angela Winn

DBT client

I'm a music therapist working in a VA program, where they have a nationwide push for whole health skills, which includes mindfulness.  Since signing up for this membership I've found it beneficial both personally as well as for my professional career. Heaven knows my year has been crazy above and beyond covid, and because the way everything is presented resonates with me it's really helped me. This works and makes so much sense. I can do this. It helps me be a better person which will in turn help my clients.  I like that there is no time limit in processing the information and that they give us time to take it in and time to apply it.

Ruth Hook

Board Certified Music Therapist