Whether you decide to hire a music therapist to work with you, 

…or you join a version of the DBT Skills Mastery through Music memberships

(where you’ll get ready- made songs and activities for strengthening each DBT skill),

…the following recordings demonstrate what you’ll get:

Mindfulness Experience


…is at the core of DBT.  Each skill lesson begins with a mindfulness experience.  

Mindfulness can bring your awareness to the moment.  Paying attention on purpose.

Alice is facilitating a mindfulness activity in this video.  

Interpersonal Effectiveness

In online conversations on social media, sometimes posts can get heated.  Instead of diving head-on into an argument, the skill called DEAR MAN can be utilized for effective communication.

This is a formula for asking for what you want, or saying no to what you don’t want.  It’s a DBT skill, which Bailey is teaching here through song. 


What Skills

The What Skills

Have you ever been triggered by something or someone, and before you even know it you’re reacting?  Maybe you yell or do something else you later regret… 

I know we all have.

These impulsive behaviors come from the emotion mind. This song reviews the 3 states of mind.  Reasonable, emotional, and wise.  And demonstrates the what skills of observe, describe and participate.  

States of Mind

This song by Stephen helps strengthen the learning of the 3 States of Mind –

  • Reasonable Mind
  • Emotion Mind
  • Wise mind.

States of Mind

This book was written by 3  members of our team:

  • Deborah Spiegel MT-BC
  • Suzanne Makary MT-BC
  • Lauren Bonavitacola PsyD, MT-BC

What’s in the book?

Part 1- for clinicians

Group activities with suggestions about how to modify the way each is presented to focus on one DBT skill over another so clinicians can find new session ideas that are useful to your practice.

Part 2- for clients and clinicians

A creative experiential for each DBT skill that’s written in a self-help format so that even non-musician participants can make use of them on their own. They can be used as handouts, follow-up after discharge, or as ideas for your own sessions.

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