PostSelf Validation through “I am Enough” Song

Learning how to self-validate is an Interpersonal Effectiveness skill that is often difficult and painful. Addressing this concept in a non-threatening way is essential, and this week’s song does just that! 

I am Enough by Daphne Willis is just the song to start the discussion about self-validation. 

  1. Print the lyrics for I Am Enough by Daphne Willis
  2. Turn your paper over and write several “I am” statements
  3. Turn the paper back over and read the lyrics as the song is played
  4. Circle lyrics that stick out to to you for any reason

Circle beliefs you might have about yourself, things you want to say to yourself, or things you feel you could never say to yourself.

Edit your I am statements on the back to be uplifting.

Notice your invalidating thoughts this week and challenge them 

I hope you enjoyed this song and its suggested intervention


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As always, have fun with this song and give the activity a try!

Let us know how this goes. Leave a comment below.

I hope you all have a Musical Monday,

Hillary Cartner-Ambrose, MT-BC,

DBT Informed Music Therapist