PostObservation vs Assumption with “Belly Breathing” Song by Birocratic

Mindfulness. Too often, this word conjures visions of meditation, yoga, and silence. Mention mindfulness to any teen and watch the eye rolls commence.  However, when it comes to DBT, we know mindfulness is more complex, has several facets, and is essential.

That is why today we will look at a piece of the WHAT Skill, Observe.

Observe, the word itself, means to notice or perceive something of significance.
The key to any observation is just that; it is an observation.

Belly Breathing– by Birocratic is a fantastic song to use to help people who are learning DBT skills to understand the difference between making observations and assumptions.

This song has no words, and therefore  that distraction is eliminated.

  • Listen to Belly Breathing by Birocratic; notice what sticks out.
  • Notice the instruments
  • Notice the tempo
  • Notice if the music brings a specific feeling, happiness, sadness, etc.

 Remember that when we observe something, we notice it on purpose.


  • Write out what you are observing
  • Or draw what you are observing

Continue the conversation about the WHAT skill!


I can observe that a person’s fist is clenched, or their face is red, and I can make an assumption that they are angry, but the assumption is not the fact. All I can observe is that their face is red and their fists are clenched.


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Let us know how this goes; we appreciate any feedback!

As always, have fun with this intervention!

I hope you all have a Musical Monday,

Hillary Cartner-Ambrose, MT-BC,

DBT Informed Music Therapist