Make your DBT skills training experience more engaging, and virtual sessions more interactive!

As a DBT clinician, do you find that you have hard to reach clients who just don't really learn well through didactic teaching methods? Or participants who are on a 2nd or 3rd cycle who are just plain bored?

Well here's a way to reach participants with different learning styles so they enthusiastically stay engaged! This is a way to provide a variation on skills groups that keeps everyone more interested and engaged in their therapeutic process and achieve better outcomes!

Enhance client ability to understand and apply DBT skills so they experience a life worth living!

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How the DBT Music Resource Library works:



Get  all access to a library of readymade creative music based experiences, handouts, instructions, session plans, videos, materials specially designed for each DBT skill. 


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 Clear & concise videos demonstrate songs, activities, and how to apply them to the skills.  Download and print instructions, handouts, etc.


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Teach the material yourself or show your DBT participants our client videos.  Watch the engagement levels and retention levels soar!

This video is a summary of the mindfulness skills via music.

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Who are we?

We are a group of Board Certified Music Therapists who are here to help you get a more engaging experience for your clients.

We all have completed Behavioral Tech’s DBT Skills Training Program, as well as an in-depth DBT informed Music Therapy Training program that includes 11 months of clinical supervision from a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified PsyD clinician. 

We all have experience facilitating DBT informed music therapy groups, and are often found co-leading skills training groups with psychologists, social workers, and other DBT skills group leaders.

Our creative team met together every week for over a year to create original material for DBT clinicians and group leaders to use to supplement the skills training experience. We can't wait to show it to you! We're not done either...This year we will be adding ideas for youth.

Deborah Spiegel MT-BC

Deborah Spiegel MT-BC was first introduced to DBT in 2001 when she worked as a member of a Dialectical Behavior Therapy based treatment team at the Colorado Mental Health Institute. She was trained in DBT alongside her treatment team by representatives of Behavioral Tech.

Her 11 years of employment at that DBT facility as the music therapist led to her passion for using music therapy to support patients in strengthening DBT skills. 

Author of Creative DBT Activities Using Music: Interventions for Enhancing Engagement and Effectiveness in Therapy (Jessica Kingsley 2020.)

Deborah is CEO and director of The Spiegel Academy, providing online continuing education for music therapists and allied professionals. This includes a comprehensive DBT informed music therapy training program (in conjunction with Dr. Lauren Bonavitacola.)

Bailey Hinz MA, MT-BC

Bailey is currently earning a masters degree as a social worker.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in music from North Central College and in 2013, Bailey received her master’s degree in music therapy from Colorado State University; her graduate thesis was on the utilization of therapeutic music for young women with negative body perception and disordered eating.

Bailey has had the opportunity to work with a variety of populations including mental health, at risk youth, substance abuse, veterans’ needs, hospice, autism spectrum, developmental disability, and diseases of aging. Her greatest passion and life’s purpose, however, lies in mental/ behavioral health.


To continue her growth as a clinician, Bailey received her designation as a DBT informed Music Therapist through Behavior Tech and The Spiegel Academy in 2017.

Stehpen King MT-BC

Stephen King explored his interest in music and psychology with his undergraduate work at Harding University, after which he studied the Masters in Music Therapy program at Texas Woman’s University. 

His Music Therapy career allowed for experience with older adults, addiction and recovery, children with developmental challenges, and most recently adolescents with behavioral and emotion regulation difficulties.

In early 2018, Stephen enrolled in The Spiegel Academy in conjunction with skills training from Behavioral Tech, to earn his designation as DBT informed Music Therapist. 

Combining his interest in electronic music and technology, Stephen brings unique skills to the community offering DBT informed Music Therapy sessions both online and in-person.

Alice Browne MT-BC

Alice Browne has a B.S. in Music Therapy from Augsburg University that she received in 1984 and has been practicing music therapy since.

She also has achieved Level, l & ll Certification in Sound healing through Normandale Community College in Minnesota and through Sound Healer Kay Grace. 

Alice’s experience includes work with a wide array of populations, including geriatrics, recovering alcoholics, homeless people, autistic children, and people experiencing grief. 

She received her DBT- Informed Music Therapy training through the Spiegel Academy, and completed the DBT skills training with Behavioral Tech.

Alice often incorporates visual arts in her therapy sessions. 

What People are Saying

"I just want to take a minute and give a shout-out to Deborah and the team! Everyone involved has put so much time and effort into making this a meaningful experience and it shows! "

- Hillary C.

"Thank you for this wonderful resource! I use it constantly for new creative ideas to engage my clients, and so did my intern. "

- Nola K.


Can I play these videos for my clients?

Yes! There are recordings for YOU, the leader, with handouts and instructions. There are also client versions of the activities so you can just play those directly for your group or client.

Can my clients access these on their own?

Yes! We have a client version of the entire membership that has everything directed at them, including homework assignments. This is a great way for them to review skills on their own!

The client version is setup to drip out one skill per week for 2 weeks in a row, followed by an implementation week, with a total of 52 weeks of content! They will have a growing library of skills along with creative activities to strengthen those skills that they can refer back to.

Is there a discount for a facility?

Yes! Prices go down for over 10 users.

"I love that this membership makes me feel safe in an online environment. The skills taught are life skills and crucial skills to know to be present and tolerate distress and manage emotions. They say music is healing. And that is why I joined. To find healing through Music and to be able to utilize the skills learned in my every day life. I would highly recommend this membership to anyone wanting a better life for themselves. Through this course I have managed to change my life around. I have long way yet to go but have come far through this course. This is a perfect opportunity to enhance your skills training experience using music to help build skills mastery. The instructors are very good at teaching the skills in an engaging way. Thank you DBT Mastery through Music for allowing me to grow and share my journey with you all. "

- Luiza M -DBT Warrior- (client version of membership)

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